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Click to enlargeAngel's Grief
Oil, 54x68 cm

Projects a very delicate influence. Opens the heart and fills it with Love and then reconnects with Space and Earth. Touches the gentle 4th chackra; next, it touches the 7th and 1st chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 623KB)

Click to enlargeUpturned Dragon
Oil, 59x39 cm

It aligns the ego centers with the harmonious state of mind. The viewer begins to feel more self assured and courageous. Finally reconnects with Higher Self. Affects 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th chackras.

Medium view
Large view (773KB)

Click to enlargeValley
Oil, 35x49 cm

Purifies the channel that connects the heart with Higher Self. Assists in comprehension of Higher Will. Affects 7th, 4th; then 5th, 6th chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 832KB)

Click to enlargeRevival
Oil, 34x48 cm

Unifies the emotional and mental states of the body with the understanding of oneself as an individual trough the heart; it transforms rage, aggressiveness, fear, lust into harmonious emotions. Affects the 3rd, 5th, 2nd,7th and 1st chackras.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 642KB)

Click to enlargeMaster of Destinies
Oil, 47x68 cm

Works with all aspects of energy and the body of human beings. It empowers and broadens aura, connects with Higher Will. One can really become a master of one’s reality and destiny. It is a very powerful image. Protects the viewer from any negative energy from others.

Medium view
Large view (image size - 710KB)


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