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Lena K. was born in Russia.

For the last 18 years, Lena K. lives and works in New York. Lena is a prolific artist and had several successful shows in the USA.

Lena is fascinated by crystals, gemstones and their healing power. Mild illnesses or those in their incipient stages can be cured through the use of healing stones. Her jewelry is not only original and beautiful, but specific combinations of gems and colors lend an added healing effect to her jewelry.

The wearer of Lena K.'s jewelry will harness the healing power of nature. Healing gemstone pieces are devoid of side effects; wearing of healing stones doesn't lead to complications as a result of other health problems.

Healing Stones:

The therapeutic use of gems is not a new or alternative healing method. The art of healing with stones is thousands of years old. Evidence that gemstones were used to heal diseases is found in most ancient civilizations. Healers prepared elixirs, pastes and powders made from gemstones. Doctors in India would place colored gemstones on the painful areas of their patientsí bodies and in order to enhance their healing power, used them to channel the light and warmth of the Sun. Gemstones were also considered to have protective and talismanic properties which kept evil spirits away. This ancient knowledge has been passed down from time immemorial to our days.

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