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The Essence of Marat Zakharin’s Art

Marat Zakharin writes:

    My method of healing through paintings is based on their influence on a human body including human energy centers, so called chackras. Each image has its own explanation of the influence it has on a human mind.

How do my paintings affect people and how to attain the peak of effect from them ?

    The painting is a window into other dimensions and an entrance into the sphere of the invisible which brings the painting alive. These things are very important to be aware of in order to enhance one’s feelings upon viewing the art. Please bear in mind that it does not mean that the viewer should keep these feelings inside, it means that the viewer should relate to my pictures as to something very sacred, extremely delicate and lovely. Only then the paintings will respond to you in the same way and will open before you the glorious vistas of delicate dimensions. It is very important to view these pictures without actual thoughts and in a state of meditation. Any thought is always a limitation.

The verity has no thoughts

    Paintings create a channel between the audience and gentle subconscious worlds; the energy of sheer purity of these worlds cleanses and purifies the audience thus lifting the viewer to the level of divine vibrations. But I want to underline that while all this occurs, the viewer doesn't think but merely observes.

    My paintings are multilevel. The first level is our material world; and so, if a person cannot manage to abstract oneself from this level (to cleanse oneself from material problems) and to open his heart towards the image, he/she simply will not be able to penetrate any further. A viewer should make very few efforts; he/she simply has to have a wish to do it, the rest of the work the picture will do on its own; however, this small effort should be done by the viewer himself.

    My images help the viewer feel as an integral part of the Universe and help him touch other dimensions, unifying these dimensions with our material world inside the viewer’s soul. Extracting the viewer from the fog of illusion that the material world is the only world we know and the notion that after death there is only darkness, my paintings bestow upon the viewer the gift of self-assuredness and strength. I think my paintings heal people spiritually. They assist the viewer to achieve an effect of purification of so called “ego energy” and enable the Soul (Intuition, Higher Self) to talk with the viewer.

Heal your mind and your body will be healed itself!

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